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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, it should be based off secondary/tertiary results and not the parents income

@6HJ3DZKNew Zealand First answered…2yrs

Student allowances should only be permitted to students who work part time or casually, who do not drink alcohol , smoke or use drugs. There should be a card assigned to students that prevent them from buying alcohol, cigarettes or drugs with student allowance money, similar to job-seeker benefit rules. If it's discovered a student smells of tobacco or alcohol, they should be investigated, warned of potentially losing their Student Allowance on a three-step warning process.

@95ZTWSR answered…1wk

It should be baised of what they actually need. Not there parents income.

@95R6G4M answered…2wks

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@95D2ZVB answered…3wks

The household wage cap for allowances should be raised to accommodate slightly higher earning families

@94BLN8N answered…2mos

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@946J2D5 answered…2mos

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@93J5WBS answered…4mos

Yes, and the minimum age requirement should decrease, and should not be based on parental income

@9378T7D answered…4mos

No but should be able to work and not have it reduce the current allowance amount

@9355TL3 answered…5mos

No if the tertiary fees change and become covered by the government. Yes if tertiary fees remain covered by the student.

@8ZMK6NN answered…7mos

Allowance should be abolished and everyone should have interest free student loan

@8XF94KS answered…11mos

it totally depends on what the family wants to do and it is their choice.

@8VJT8DJ answered…1yr

Yes - it shouldn’t be based off parental income but it shouldn’t be based off results either - equal opportunity

@8SWPRCK answered…1yr

The rules surrounding it should be the same if you have one parent or two. If you live outside the family home then parental income should not be a factor.

@8P4VQDZ answered…2yrs

Continue the allowance, even if the student started some types of part time work +/- high achievement in school

@8J778Q5 answered…2yrs

No, the screening should be more detailed to reflect students grades and a mid year revision upon grades.

@8J29YXC answered…2yrs

I would like to see living costs included in the application. Because the current income assessments are unrealistic. I tried to retrain to improve my employment opportunities after having children but I couldn't get an allowance based on my husband's gross income. Unfortunately his income was not enough to survive on after tax, mortgage, household Bill's and food for a family of 5. Therefore I'm still stuck cleaning with no other opportunities.

@8HZF2SL answered…2yrs

Yes, however for most students university and polytech are the only to move forward in tertiary education I think the costs should be lower, take Switzerland they have free public tertiary education. It should not be based on parents income but rather as the student individual. There is also the aspect of scholarships that the majority of nz students aren't eligible to apply for .

@8HY5Q23 answered…2yrs

Tertiary study should be moved away from University institutions, which operate to make money and not support education

@8HTS9LG answered…2yrs

The allowance can be based on the parents/caregivers household money left after living expenses - power, water, insurance and food.

@8HTMG2Z answered…2yrs

It should depend on parents income after their household commitments .

@8HT5FBJ answered…2yrs

Yes, but re-evaluate conditions for which a student is allowed an allowance.

@8HS6NJS answered…2yrs

Yes, increase if meeting both criteria: increase on those who come from a low income family and who have high living costs (renting, no jobs, have siblings to look after, etc.)

@8HNB8MX answered…2yrs

maybe more hands on approach when doing it as some people dont rely on their parents like others

@8HMLJJJ answered…2yrs

Yes but remove the loopholes that allow people with money to still qualify

@8HHF2V2 answered…2yrs

Yes but it should not be based on the parent's income because not everyone relies on their parents after 18 years old. Should be based off grades and should be eligible for postgraduate students too.

@8HHCH4M answered…2yrs

Yes, however dependent on area lived in, eg Auckland where accommodation is expensive more allowance.

@8HH68HJ answered…2yrs

Yes, it should take into account whether the student is paying themselves. Funding should also increase for higher cost of living areas

@8HFJHPZ answered…2yrs

Yes but it shouldn't be based on parent income. It should be a set amount

@8HFJMGK answered…2yrs

A fairer system that minimises the ability for people to take advantage such as parents who hide income under companies etc

@8HBZPMF answered…2yrs

No, but the cost of living in student accommodation should be more affordable


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