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Trade unions are necessary to keep the bargaining power of corporations in check.

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Both. Unions do not always promote the best interests of the economy. They promote worker wishes first and often at expense to employer

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In my own experience they are useless in fighting the big battles.

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Both. They represent those who may be exploited or cannot represent themselves. Unions can hold govt to ransom when we pay for it through debt funding.

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Trade unions are required for ensuring a collective representation of the employees. However they should operate within a framework which does not impede the business.

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Trade unions were created to provide a voice for the general worker but some unions have become so expensive to run that all the money goes to the negotiators and people who run the unions and I have seen over the years less and less being achieved by the unions and all their powers have been eroded. If a company has a good HR team then Unions are really not needed now.

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Help, in theory but have recently become corrupt and should have their powers limited

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Hurt, I support some private unions but am strongly against public unions


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