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Forcing someones hand into the training will have a negative impact. But organising volunteering activities that include diverse students would teach them that we are all humans and hopefully reduce the bias long term.


Why wouldn't you want your child or a student to have training of student diversity when hateful speech against race and racism is such a big problem? let's raise less insensitive children to grow up to be more thoughtful adults

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Students should not be forced to adopt political doctrine regarding diversity practices. The reality is that leftist beliefs create the foundation upon which diversity training is executed. For example, the dramatised Marxist concept of oppressors vs. oppressed, as well as collectivism and intersectionality, are all treated as implicit truths, when in reality they are underpinnings of the leftist worldview. There are no hierarchy or business mindset training programs, presupposing right-wing ideas, that are forced upon individuals. Hence, it seems unreasonable, to expect them to take politically charged dogma as fact.


I dont want my kid in the future being told that its ok to turn from male to female and in the world today


If you mean the trans movement, It's not real and poison to a young insecure mind. Students should be using there education for more important things


A child should not be shown this type of information, it should be for them to discover, and should they pursue such diversity, then they should be able to access the information and pathways necessary. Encouragement or exposure at an early age is dangerous, and I for one do not see any benefit that could come from it.

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No, and mandatory diversity training should be banned

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Yes, and all schools should require mandatory diversity training

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No, diversity training should be encouraged but not required

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Yes, and immediately expel any student that displays racist behavior

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No, only private schools should be allowed to require mandatory training


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Flags ups Ireland and China's is the about less called outs and lookout mandatory support child's ages undergrounds


No, schools should focus on increasing achievement competition and success for the sake of our future generation's success


No any act of bullying or defamatory behaviour should be addressed and dealt with accordingly. If the act of discrimination or bullying is of a nature that seems the person to be educated on matters, this can be addressed on this basis.


No, for that matter it has been proven that diversity training has the opposite affect of what is wanted and creates more isms on all sides.


No, cultural integration and awareness should be promoted through education such as humanities studies.


Quality education should allow for this. Train the educators to help young people understand


Schools already teach diversity and civil conversations. Discrimination is taught. It should be taught if needed.

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The bible advises us to love another because God is loving God and not a hateful God. Bible advises us not to judge. Man is created in our lord's likeliness. Support our fellows in need.


Only to encourage a more sensible inclusive society, not people who identify as cats


Yes there should be some information given to students not forced upon students about diversity and respect to other students and adults.


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No, anything that a specific diversity training covers should be taught in proper context as part of subjects such as social studies, history, politics and health.


My opinion is that it depends on the extent of this diversity training. We need to ensure gender, age and race differences are understood by our rangatahi, but leaping into the complexities of the rainbow communities is not appropriate.



Yes and include learning about autism and other neurological diversity


I don't think diversity training works, but schools should have the freedom to make their own decisions (even if they are bad)


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