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No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

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No, and police should be more focused on true safer communities and not revenue collecting

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Replace police with unarmed community based responders for non violent calls and increase funding and training for Police Departments

@95FSXDS answered…3wks

The NZ police create their own revenue. St John's and the fire service should get majority of funding first

@95DJ2XH answered…3wks

No funding should remain in police departments so police officers can enact those social programs

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no, but there should be funding towards community programs as well

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I think this question is not well understood please give examples in brackets

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No but funding should be increased to local social resources asqell

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yes and also increase funding in social and community based programs

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Yes, but only to allow professionals to handle social and community concerns, and leave police for more specific cases

@93FNKQF answered…4mos

not all funding should go to social and community based programs but some.

@93CGVWD answered…4mos

More appropriate training for police, but also funding for community out-reach programs

@93BNZYD answered…4mos

Provide more training and support to the police, as well as improving the social and community support programs

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No but there should be more funding given to social and community based programs as well as internal development and redirection of resources within the police force.

@92VF7FM answered…5mos

Local police should have more training in social and community based approaches

@925G97G answered…6mos

No, instead maintain the amount of funding for the police and introduce the program too.

@8RMDC9J answered…2yrs

No, but police should receive more training and mental healthcare if they need it

@8JCL7JV answered…2yrs

Keep enough funding for the police but also fund social and community based programs to keep everyone safe and teach the right things.

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No, decreasing funding will lead to incompetent police who can't maintain peace and will become agitated easily.

@8HZPRLF answered…2yrs

Yes, some of the funding should be directed to programs that can do more preventative and repair work and enabling solutions that lead to better outcomes for all involved including the police.

@8HYM484 answered…2yrs

No I just think more funding should go into social and community based programs

@8HYGPWZ answered…2yrs

Yes, but still with a reasonable amount of funding towards the local police departments

@8HLQWQH answered…2yrs

Finding should be spread between the local police departments AND put towards social and community based programmes

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No, however funding should be found for good social community based programs with whom the local police are encouraged strongly to work collaboratively with.

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Yes and no, don’t stop funding but also invest in community programmes that help rehabilitate people or help juveniles to become active citizens in society

@8HBX3LV answered…2yrs

No, I believe issues in law enforcement are culture based not funding based. I'd also like to see more funding towards community programs.

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Yes - but possibly include the police - I am a relatively law-abiding citizen, but somehow am still afraid of the police, so potentially increase social and community based programs, but in the same breath. No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

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No, but focus the funding on community involvement and de-escalation tactics.

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Social and community based programs are hugely important so I think funding needs to be available for both not redirected. Both are hugely important for NZ

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No, Social and Community based programs should have their funding increased, but the police departments funding should not be reduced.

@8DYWTXX answered…2yrs

More community projects, jobs and help will reduce criminal activities and legalising drugs


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