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yes. but with increase oversight and not in heavily populated areas

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Yes as long it does not do too much harm and the oil is renewable

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yes but in ways where it won't drastically effect the population or environment

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natural formations of gas and oil leaking or emitting from the ground should be utilized, sustainable energy should be our go to

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the idea oil and gases are bad for the environmental is true but the outcome of getting rid of oil and gases would change everything and i think that gases like petrol are awesome because they run cars and ships but getting rid of it entirely is impossible and not the right timing. maybe in 30 years we can have electric powered ships instead of petrol powered ships

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I not really to edgacated on this but it has to depend on how bad it is

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Only for public transport and emergency cars. Like ambulance, police cars, fire trucks ect

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Yes, if there will be zero pollution of ground water and aquifers. Marine use only, as a precaution to avoid human water source pollution. Exploration Companies should post a truly massive bond 'up front' (in gold, not US dollars) for any required capping/sealing remedial work.

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Yes, but it has to have extremely strict control measures, can't stress that enough

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Shouldn't be completely illegal but it may not be so practical in NZ

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Yes, but the profits must be nationalized into a sovereign wealth fund and distributed for the good of all New Zealand citizens and residents. No profits going to off-shore companies.

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No, more research is needed to measure the long term effects of fracking


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