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@94BJZLZ answered…1mo

I feel that animals can be used in scientific testing, but not in commercial testing

@945CVFT answered…2mos

@93CVHQC answered…4mos

Only if approved through a qualified board who decides whether it is absolutely necessary.

@938987L answered…4mos

Yes, but only if the testing causes no harm to the animal in question.

@8J6T7WV answered…2yrs

Yes, but not for cosmetics and decrease subsidies for farming. There should be a push for everyone to adapt a more plant based diet, reducing unnecessary harm to animals through our diet.

@8J2FBLH answered…2yrs

Yes, but not on cosmetics and the practise is ethically regulated to ensure there is no cruel and unnecessary suffering of the animal, while vigorously pursuing other avenues to phase out animal testing entirely

@8HYSLR7 answered…2yrs

No, animals and people can react in different ways, rendering testing pretty useless

@8HS6NJS answered…2yrs

Yes but not to animals facing extinction and avoid high cost maintenance animals

@8HHFYQ8 answered…2yrs

How about using voluntary humans instead - animals might not be willing

@8GC68BY answered…2yrs

@8G27D8X answered…2yrs

In very limited circumstances and under strict humane treatment controls. Not for cosmetics.

@8F5WCCB answered…2yrs

Yes, but not for cosmetics and they pursue alternative methods and once it is deemed fairly safe humans should become tested on. And only rats.

@8DH8QYS answered…2yrs

@8DH7YYH answered…2yrs

Yes, But Strictly controlled and regulated ensure no cruelty, discomfort or harm comes to the animals.

@8D8DZ8P answered…2yrs

@8CCLT35 answered…2yrs

No, Humans should be tested with an understanding of potentional risks.

@8CCB7NZ answered…2yrs

Yes, but they should have to be passed through an ethics mediation program


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