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Deathlines is record callin the rights person. Fight and drugs non alcoholic aerial burts the 👄🐕🐕‍🦺🦮✊ kisses and love modes and Maori devites unlnown practice patches plusters

@8HBYL7B answered…2yrs

If they are New Zealanders, life in prison. If they are from another country deport them to there own country.

@8GL7WXR answered…2yrs

Yes, as long as they have been given a fair trail. It may well reduce the amount of illegal drugs in our country.

@8FK4QWM answered…2yrs

No If it’s a repetitive offence, sentence to at least 15 jail time.

@8F9ZSR4 answered…2yrs

No but should be punished harshly and if not from our country, send them back to their country of residence

@8DWNDL4 answered…2yrs

No I do not see this as a crime crime is inflicting harm to others eg: arson, theft, murder,manslaughter, abuse. etc.....

@8DGF8DK answered…2yrs

Never. I disagree with the death penalty, and all drugs should be decriminalised so as to increase mental and physical rehabilitation for addicts - i.e like in Portugal. Instead of spending money on their imprisonment, spend money on rehabilitation and clinics for abuse.

@8CGCLVL answered…2yrs

I think it should be based on the drug in question and it’s impact on society. For instance cannabis is far less detrimental than P.

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Yes, but only if there is proof someone died from the drugs they trafficked

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