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@95R6G4M answered…5 days

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@94BLN8N answered…1mo

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@92CLV8Q answered…5mos

Yes, but for large investment corporations and overseas investors.

@8XSB6DG answered…10mos

again... will just hold the houseing marking hostage. why sell and pay tax when you can rent out the house and pay no tax. if all investors did this we would have a housing shortage...... oh wait thats whats happening now

@8VZGXZ7 answered…1yr

I think that if it is someone who owns a batch then no. but if it is someone who owns multiple houses then yes because some people have no house.

@8TRN8ZY answered…1yr

Yes, but only when an investor owns more than one investment property.

@8TLR76Y answered…1yr

Yes perhaps, but maybe only on those who own more than 3 investment properties.

@8J28HRQ answered…2yrs

Yes but it should apply within a stated time frame, if sold before say 5 years.

@8HXLFTG answered…2yrs

@8HTHZ9Y answered…2yrs

Yes but void negative gearing. It doesn't make sense not being able to offset losses for taking the 'risk' of property ownership and pay a capital gains tax on the profits over a set period.

@8HRSZ9N answered…2yrs

@8HNMZC5 answered…2yrs

Only if it is not your dwelling and it is a 2nd property for investment purposes

@8HM5PL7 answered…2yrs

@8HFY2VS answered…2yrs

@8HF8QRS answered…2yrs

Yes, but only on ALL land including land owned by trusts, iwi, charities and community groups - no exemptions

@8HBY87V answered…2yrs

Yes, but only for investment property that has strict rules to prove to be investment (not a lucky purchase timing)

@8H48RGP answered…2yrs

Yes for all current overseas investors and only on investment property’s domestically

@8GZH4NJ answered…2yrs

No, but international buyers should only be able to lease property for an amount of time

@8GRMV72 answered…2yrs

Asset tax is better then cgt but the principle that capatial should be taked is good

@8GDYGPH answered…2yrs

Yes but only for investors who are obviously trying to make money and foreign investors

@8GC68BY answered…2yrs

Yes on overseas investors but not for kiwi's personal house that you permanently live in

@8G8C36B answered…2yrs

Capital gains are already taxable where the purpose of buying property is to earn capital gains.


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