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The owners of land that receive a capital gain should be taxed to help cover the cost of infrastructure. The government should cover the bare minimum of infrastructure costs to keep housing affordable, with increased investment based on the most efficient use of that capital, near transport hubs.

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No, we should limit immigration to slow down the housing demand instead

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While more houses need to be built, this will not solve the housing crisis entirely. All assets should be taxed, to scare off investors and property moguls who are trying to make a quick buck off the less fortunate, who will most likely be renting their whole lives due to an extortionate market.

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No, we should stop urban sprawl and increase density in already populated areas.

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Remove Government shares and legal protection for fletchers and reinstate the ministry of works, open up trade for foriegn construction materials, weaken the power of RMA

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Yes, but the housing should be big apartments to decrease the amount of land used.

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Yes they should make it better but probably not for housing just make better what we have

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Yes, but property currently sitting empty should be rented out to those in need of housing too.

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Yes but we should also limit immigration to slow down housing demand

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No more GREEN plants trees If we had national as our government we would waste 6 Bil Dollers just on ackland infurstructer and have to cut down all the trees so we could have national Being rich again we could just spend a few million Dollers on infurstrutre plant more trees flowers fruit vege tadles and herds and Be safe again

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I think the construction of more housing needs to be looked at and very well planned. Existing communities should be a priority.

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No, housing should be intensified to use existing infrastructure which should then be well maintained.

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i think housing should be delayed until transmission gully finishes

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Depends on the type of housing. If it's mansions, the developer and buyer should pay, if it's affordable housing for normal people it could be subsidised by the government to make housing more avvordable. Foreigners and non residents should absolutley pay for the development of services.

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Yes, but not at the expense of New Zealand bushland and natural parks

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No, but government need to take an environmental approach by promoting compostable toilets, or worm sewerage facilities

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Should increase spending on infrastructure to make sure it is up to standard

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No but more opportunities for private investors to support infrastructure should be available

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yes but no roads no water yes and getting better sewerage pipes so they don't pollute our lakes,oceans and rivers

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Just update the roads that are in need of repairs /widening due to traffic

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No, because the current upgrades to our roads are downgraded, if that changed, then yes.

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Housing should be rezoned for high density housing new Zealand wide

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Invest in more innovative, sustainable infrastructure technologies.

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No the footprint of housing is to big and we dont have the water or sewerage to keep up with what we have now

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Yes and private developers contribute to support their development in the area.


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