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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, but I’d prefer that land should only be owned by citizens and domestic companies

@6H9LFHGLabour Party answered…2yrs

If we can't buy land in their home country, they can't buy land in ours

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@6H9D64T answered…2yrs

Foreigners should not be about to purchase land until they are working, tax paying, citizens of New Zealand. They should be capped at a maximum of two properties. They should be placed at the back of the line when I comes to prime real estate. They should not be able to purchase more than five hectares of land unless using it for some type of occupation e.g farming. Where they must employ New Zealanders.

@95KSND5 answered…1wk

Yes, and foreigners should not be allowed to purchase any New Zealand land

@95J7VXJ answered…2wks

@92R5RYX answered…5mos

Yes, increased tax and possibly ban foreign purchase unless living in the country (and for a certain amount of time). Would help lower prices and favour NZ citizens/residents over international investment.

@8ZV23F6 answered…6mos

yes but that land should provide jobs and give money to the economy of new Zealand

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@8Z7SRBH answered…7mos

Yes, but they should live there or somebody who is close to them as their parents. Intention to purchase without intention to rent.

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@8T4K8QW answered…1yr

Yes they should only be allowed to buy if they are going to live in it or stay often. If they are going to be moving here or have to move here they should be allowed

@8T4K8M8 answered…1yr

Yes they should need consent but more no than yes rather people living here have it

@8QX4WND answered…2yrs

To an extent it that have to have live here for a while as that is a lot of land

@8Q8FDSZ answered…2yrs

They should get a contract saying that they will get it when they get citizenship

@8J6DPWM answered…2yrs

Needs to be managed to stop all the land purchased by rich foreigners with the only intent being profit

@8J4NWZ3 answered…2yrs

why the hell are we selling our Maori land to other people disgusting!! All in the name of Wealth. Pakeha have given our aAncestoral land away im disgusted now every blemin chinese asian pakeha person apart from our very own, own our lands messed up anbd we talking about foreigners sooo sad

@8J2CY2C answered…2yrs

Yes and the land should be developed not left as an empty investment

@8HZ922H answered…2yrs

I'd prefer all land should be owned by citizens and domestic companies. If foreigners are part of domestic company they should pay a small amount more of tax. There should be tax paid on it and there should be consent processes. I have bought land overseas and , smartly, I had huge restrictions and taxes imposed on me. NZ'er's don't make the same amount of money as some overseas people and can't compete and some people have 'take' only mentality and don't live in the areas where they own the land and don't face the problems some of their activities result in.

@8HYDGMH answered…2yrs

Yes, but all foreign purchases denied if NZers unable to purchase land in that foreign country.

@8HS3L7K answered…2yrs

@8HRNP28 answered…2yrs

Foreigners and non residents should not be able to purchase any land in NZ

@8HRMG2C answered…2yrs

i personally think foreigners should need to get consent from the government to buy any land or housing in new zealand unless they have lived here before or have family who lives here


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