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New Zealand First’s policies on housing issues



Housing  ›  Foreign Land Ownership

Should foreigners need consent to purchase more than five hectares of non-urban land?

NZF>NZF  Public statementsYes, but I’d prefer that land should only be owned by citizens and domestic companies

Housing  ›  Housing Infrastructure

Should the government increase spending on infrastructure (roads, water and sewerage) to support the construction of more housing communities?

NZF>NZF  Party’s support baseYes

Housing  ›  First Home Buyers

Should the government increase incentives for first home buyers?

NZF>NZF  Party’s support baseYes, reduce first home deposits to 1-5%

Housing  ›  Land Supply

Should local councils increase the supply of greenfields, or undeveloped, land for housing?

NZF>NZF  Party’s support baseYes, but only if it is unproductive land

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