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Lower the price of Rent and Food created locally, New Zealand products are cheaper to buy overseas then they are within new zealand.

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It's not the wage that needs increasing, but the living costs that need decreasing

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Yes but there should probably be a living wage based on where you live

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No. Instead cap tax and food mark up and have fair housing prices.

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Minimum wages should be higher than benefits, not lower. Or else it will only encourage people to rely on benefit and not motivated to work.

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Yes I 100% believe it needs to cover living wage. I agree some minimum wage jobs should just be for gaining experience and shouldn't support a family but that is not realistic as many families rely on minimum wage jobs with little opportunities of finding another income.

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This reduces the gap between trade wages making these types of jobs less desirable

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No, but provide a more structured living wage that increases with inflation for adults over 20 to prevent employers from under paying adults that are currently living pay check to pay check.

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Yes. Make it a living wage which reflects inflation and regional housing costs

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No, as a small business owner this will result in detrimental outcomes as we cannot afford to increase the minimum wage.

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if minimum wage increases, those with trades/degrees etc. those wages need to increase at the same rate.

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Regardless, minimum wage standards should be adjusted to the individuals situation

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this is a mine field. Minimum wage is a way of getting young people into jobs as they don't experience. But there are also mean employers that use minimum wage to employ all its staff regardless of experience. Cleaners, Nurses, Rubbish people, fire, ambulance should all receive high wages, Some CEO's get paid way too much as it is the staff that make a company great and the leader of the country should be paid more.

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If it is good enough for our politicians to get high incomes with all the benefits along with our police force, it is good enough for the general population politicians are no different to the average worker, they are public servants.

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yes and no, money shouldn't be so important - instead of looking at the symptom, we should look at the cause of why so many people are living below the poverty line on min wage. and why the wage gap is so big etc.

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Regardless, minimum wage standards should be adjusted by age group

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No, most minimum wage jobs are meant to develop experience, not support a family


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