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No, end all government subsidies and let the free market run its course

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Yes, but only for Horticulture. We need to start phasing out Agriculture.

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Yes, but only for farms that are making innovations environmentally

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No, but provide incentives for farms with environmentally-friendly farming solutions.

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Yes, but only subsidize vege growers to make healthier home cooking cheaper.

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Yes, to assist farms to become more green, but a business does need to stand on its own and be financially viable.

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If they are retraining or otherwise putting effort into climate change mitigation

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Effectively no, needs to stand alone but support maybe require when significant downturns and hard time ie better Drought relief

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The farming industry generates employment opportunities as well as revenues for the Government. The support from the Government to ensure the sustainability of the industry is required.

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Farmers support the local economy but when the overseas prices fall then so does farmers income and the amount they can spend in the local economy. If farmers knew their product was always going to fetch a reasonable price with bonuses for good years then it would be easier for them to decide what they were going to grow or farm instead of chasing fads which then crashes the market like velvet and wool and milk.

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Nz government should follow what is happening in our competitive markets

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No, farmers should have compulsory insurance cover to pay for drought relief etc. if they fail to operate in a sustainable manner they will not get insurance. Force poor performers out of the industry

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Yes, but only those who show innovation and who chose farming systems which are appropriate to their climate and environment.

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Yes, only for farms that are willing to go extra mile to be environmentally sustainable

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