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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs

@95KSND5 answered…3wks

No, businesses should have to be more transparent of all aspects of their business and then let the consumers decide

@8TS6WSP answered…1yr

I think that they should but make them reasonable and provide alternitaves

@8SSJH5T answered…1yr

We can change the amount of carbon emissions by farmers not burning wood and planting more forests for the trees to eat the carbon

@8RR3MPR answered…2yrs

No instead just compromise by using green things that can help businesses more then before

@8QHNY3T answered…2yrs

Green house gases are bad but so is the electric car battery because the can't be decompose so the are as bad

@8PXN7Y7 answered…2yrs

Yes and include local/regional councils. Also make companies and councils clean up any eventual mess they cause or caused in the past.

@8NKNTT6 answered…2yrs

Only if required to bring our standards in line with our trading partners.

@8KM2GSS answered…2yrs

No, the term 'global warming', and 'climate change', is being used as a scare tactic to bring control over people on a global scale, and is a step in the ladder to full global control. It should be called global controlling! If the world has been here for millions or billions of years, there isn't enough data to prove that whatever weather patterns are happening on the earth are not part of a greater weather cycle.

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@8HZ6869 answered…2yrs

I believe we should inforce regulations with farmers rather then against them

@8HTNRH8 answered…2yrs

As long as it doesn’t come with dramatic added costs or management fees I say do the best we can to improve this factor but with out making it a drama. The RMA needs to be fixed because I don’t know how we expect with all these procreations and legislations in place.. it just makes it a heck of trouble for business to start up and it all it is, is funding for the government, but sure the odd bloke stuffs it for everyone.

@8HMNJQW answered…2yrs

Yes and ensure recycled or end of life recycling is ensured for each product manufactured.

@8HH9VPC answered…2yrs

We need to commit to lowering emissions but in partnership with community

@8HH9K32 answered…2yrs

No, reduce carbon emissions is a world-wide effort. If not many of the countries are involved, why should NZ be heavily involved in this reduce carbon emission slogan?

@8H4PJSP answered…2yrs

Only for luxury items and non-essential businesses- NZ should not increase regulations on food, schools supplies, fuel companies as the living cost will go up.

@8GL3Y3V answered…2yrs

No, the government needs to fund more research on agricultural emissions to justify its positions.

@8GKCY72 answered…2yrs

Yes and provide more incentives for alternative energy production, but go easy on farmers who are in existing business models, but scrutiny should be applied to the best use of land and addressing long-term water issues.

@8G52YK4 answered…2yrs

This is way more complex than a yes/no answer for the uneducated voter. I already see how unrealistic government legislation can be around carbon emissions - focusing on fart tax rather than getting more vehicles off the roads - do we really all need 4 cars per household NZ???

@8G2F7WM answered…2yrs

Carbon is not as important as plastic pollution which should be closely enforced

@8FXTCG2 answered…2yrs

Only of science shows it, all biological activities need to be taken into account. Farmers need some grace

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@8F66Y94 answered…2yrs

There are better ways to improve on emissions without picking on businesses only.

@8F5ZLHV answered…2yrs

Leave the dairy farmers alone, reduce people numbers not dairy cows that’ll sort our rivers out

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@8DBRFCW answered…2yrs

As best as they can to reduce the impact on the environment but not at all costs.

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@8D8GQ6W answered…2yrs

I believe that all harmful emissions should be tightly regulated, not just carbon

@8D7MFSH answered…2yrs

One that is realistic and still allows farming business to still operate profitably

@8D4M235 answered…2yrs

Target certain industries. And leave farmers that are not over stocked alone, dairy is different to sheep and beef. T


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