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i think most people who dont understand white privilege are those who have it. White privilege is when someone who appears white is treated in a kinder, more generous manner by others due to their ethnical background. This privilege is often gone unnoticed by those who possess it because they experience this behaviour towards them everyday, they dont know anything else other than that experience, hence when someone tells them they have this privilege they cant fully understand because they dont need to stop and think about it as often as those who struggle due to their ethnicity, race, or skin color. though this does not mean we must blame those who have this privilege, for they did not choose to be born who they are, same with those struggling due to institutionalised racism.


If someone is white then you will treat them better subcoucusly because u think they are better or something like that.


Some people don't actually know about this and may think that it's strange to have racism


some people aren't as exposed to such things. if you do not believe that others have experienced racism, then you are probably privileged.


People how have grown up privileged won't understand. I would try and put them in the mindset of someone who has suffered


Since certain people still see that white people are treated better in our society