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 @9LMJQF9 answered…1mo1MO

It's disturbing. I want the world to be a natural, clean and beautiful place for the coming generations.


No, I would like to keep NZ Green without compromising better economic decisions for future generations


Nature should be preserved for coming generations to see at, but it is already ruined for our generation.


I definitely want to conserve natural beauty for my descendants, and would not be at ease with them not being able to admire it.

 @9L9R4MQ answered…2mos2MO

I'm Neutral Between Environmentalism And Anti-Environmentalism, Because Both Sides Have Ups And Downs



I am not at ease. Even now most of the worlds natural features and beauty's are dying because we fail to protect it.


It should be around for the next generation to see and appreciate. I'm not at ease for it

 @9KR7MSW answered…3mos3MO

No, I will not be at ease. I hope to preserve the environment so that my descendants can experience the same beauty that I have for my life.


i am not at ease with it. t is important that we prioritize the restoration of our world.


We need to prioritise our countries land/ landscapes/ natural beauty ect and stop ruining our country


I would want my children to be able to see and experience the natural beauty that is around now.


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