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I think that christian and catholic schools should maintain their religious curriculum as that’s why those schools started and why their families sent them there. In terms of other schools it should be up to parent choice but I think ideally they should be exposed to all religions both in New Zealand and around the world.


I feel that children and family's should chose whether they want to have religion role in their childrens life as it does and doesn't matter for some.


I dont think it should be in schools because students listen to their teachers making it too easy to influence them not for them to choose.


I think it should be optional because some people may have a different opinion that they strongly believe in


Religion should not play in education because students are supposed to just be learning and religion should not be part of it.


i dont think that religion should affect the learning environment for kids or different religions


I believe it should be taught so people are informed. but not necessarily as a truth.


I think it should be taught to students so they understand our diverse culture and can form their own ideals


 @9KR7MSW answered…3mos3MO

No part whatsoever. We have entered the age where science and technology has developed sufficiently to explain the day-to-day explanations of the events in everyday life.


I think religion should play a part in schools that specify in that area. i also think there should be separate schools like Sunday schools that target that specific religion. i also think that schools should be more open to people sharing their religion like clubs etc.


I feel as if religion should be spoken about and educated on but not forced


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