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It is great to celebrate multicultural and diversity in a country of merely 5.5m.


I find it interesting to try and guess what language they are speaking.

 @9HVSGBWNationalfrom Utah answered…5mos5MO

Im bothered when im involved in a conversation with multiple people who keep switching languages to a language i dont understand, otherwise, i could care less if people want to converse in their own language in public


I feel inspired I love how unique every language is. At the same time I am a bit confused and left out because i have not learned the language.


I feel confused, I no longer think that I feel this way because Minority rights are needed


I don't mind hearing other languages spoken in my country. As long as it doesn't affect me, I'm all for it.


I don't really feel anything since it doesn't bother me at all, it doesn't affect me in a negative way so why should it be a problem if it doesn't affect anyone negatively?


I feel confused when I hear languages I don't understand because I don't understand them. Aside from that, I do not care. It doesn't affect me and if it does someone will make sure I know.



I am fine with this as it doesn't really affect me and if it makes them feel at home then they should be allowed to speak their language.


I think that its okay for people in new zealand to speak different languages


I think that its ok for people in new Zealand to speak different languages.


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