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 @9HZV7XYNew Zealand Firstanswered…5mos5MO

No, the system has us fighting against one another and nothing will change in my life time.

 @9HVSGBWNationalfrom Utah answered…5mos5MO


As long as we have politicians promoting communist and woke policies in the name of Maori, Islamic & LGHDTV++ tolerism to the point they are flat out ignoring the rights and religion of the rest of the country in the name of banning hate speech. We are multi-ethnic and shouldn't be catering to these extremist and divisive ideologies. A world without war is a distant dream at the moment.

 @9HSK65S from Guam answered…5mos5MO

The new Zealand claim more Israel armour forces and the death tolls rises independent



Absolutely. War is necessary. We just need to stay prepared and fight every force of evil that we can. But together!


This depends on the economy of the country, if their governments doesn't care about human rights then I don't think the war will


No I do not think there will be a time with complete peace as land and resources will begin to become more increasingly needed.


No. In our lives as human beings it is part of our human nature, when we lose control or want to show off our power and authority most of us will resort to violence. Whether this is you or not you there is someone else who knows that they would use violence in whatever situation that comes to mind. War only exists because those with the highest authority start of fighting due to whatever disagreement created. Since they have all the power and money they use that against the other person of power and their goal is not entirely to kill off them but to win them.


no because there will always be people who want something that someone else has


No, we are naturally hateful of others, this is a survival strategy that we have evolved to have. It is our responsibility to watch how we think of people and try to moderate ourselves if we realise we are being hateful



No. It'd be nice, but it's not realistic because war is an inevitability due to human-human conflict.


No, war is practically human nature + fear mongering will always make money for big corperations


War will never be obsolete, as long as the government only acts to aggression in retaliation that's okay




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