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Although it is useless arguing who is right or wrong here, you cannot honestly think that what big bully Israel is doing to innocent civilians who have nothing to do with the Nazis that have taken over their country Is justifiable 'self defense'

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Large military power attacking a weak nation and bombing people rushing for aid = bad

Terrorism and trying to deny the most marginalized people in history their only land by killing a whole bunch of them = also bad


I supported Israel on October 7th, then when they started their Genocide it became a far harder cause to advocate for.


I support Palestine, but not Hamas. Hamas committed atrocities against innocent people. However the Palestinian cause is separate from Hamas, and I sympathize more with the cause of the Palestinians than the Israelis.

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Neither, and it angers me that there are people out there who genuinely believe that there is a good or bad side


Israel's actions in the past can't be ignored but the current doings of Palestine support groups has unnecessarily escalated the conflict to an unreasonable level


I don't agree worth war of any kind so sympathize with no one involved apart from the innocent civilians affected


Its hard to decide since media (incl social media) is in a frenzy over - it hard to find the truth so I am still collecting information


Both but differently not for Hans’s supporters or people who walk around the fact that they targeted civilians so more Israel but both


Why is this relevant? The media doesn’t cover the absolute truth to this conflict. Too much contradictory news


It's a very complicated question. Palestine has been under Israeli rule for a very long time. The current news is very depressing, but there needs to be political talks with both sides.


The 1st world nations created this conflict and look where it has got everyone. This is what meddling in other people's lives creates


Palestine should be freed and no people on both sides (mostly women and children) should not be harmed


I don't think we have a say or need to have a say in the conflicts in a nation that has very little to do with us here in nz

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It’s not about taking a “side” This is the issue. My issue is with the zionists, Rothschilds and rockefellers who control all of it! It’s the Zionist’s that need eliminating.


Killing innocent victims, particularly women and children, regardless of who is doing it should be stopped. The governments should be going after the terrorists as criminals, not destroying innocent people's lives because of the actions of a bunch of crazy people

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Not my business, it's their business, we shouldn't interfere in countries domestic matters unless called upon to provide support


There is always a political or big mafia behind all the war--- it can be money-resources or wanting to sell their arms


I side with the people of Palestine, who are suffering under the actions of Hamas, the government of Israel, and a subset of the people of Israel.


Palestinians are oppressed by Israel but Hamas and Palestine Jihads are not helping the general populas. Both sides are committing atrocities against each other. Israel needs new compassionate, sympathetic and apologetic leadership.


They’ve both committed atrocities, but my sympathy is with the innocent people caught in the middle with no means of protecting themselves.


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