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The suicide rate and rates of mental health problems is clearly higher for Rainbow, Maori and other minorities due to discrimination at school and the work place. Discrimination comes from a lack of understanding of diversity issues. Moreover, NZ is multicultural and therefore several cultures need consideration by teachers. Diversity training will reduce discrimination which works towards creating an equal society for us all.


Science and loads of peer reviewed studies point to vaccines being safe and working, they point to humans having a negative affect on the environment, and to trans people being valid in their transition. Science agrees with all of these points, people disagreeing with these studies and having a few outliers to point to when their studies are proven to be unsubstantiated or just clearly false is wrong.

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It is a waste of time and resources, especially since there is already a general consensus around diversity.


I think the teachers already try their hardest to be inclusive ( which sometimes inclusivity gets to a riduculous point) and the teachers already train alot and they are there to teach not to be worrying about diversity.

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Teachers should go through diversity training in order to understand the ways of different cultures and how to navigate those areas. To ensure that all students who are from different cultures or are diverse etc have the support they need to ensure they have a good education


NZ is diverse and teachers have a duty to provide education AND WITH COMPASSION to children and youth of all types of backgrounds.


Teachers and Faculty are raising the next generation of kids. To have anyone in that position not aligning with good science is a disgrace to human progression.


Diversity includes everyone, it’s about learning how to be inclusive of those different to us. No training means higher risks.

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No, only for students that display racist behavior


It's a culture problem. This should be addressed through everyday interractions by modelling behaviour not by forceful education.

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Yes, and all schools should require mandatory diversity training

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No, and mandatory diversity training should be banned

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Yes, and immediately terminate any staff member that displays racist behavior

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No, diversity training should be encouraged but not required

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No, only for teachers or faculty members that display racist behavior

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No, only private schools should be allowed to require mandatory training

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No, diversity training should be encouraged but not required - again you can't force people to do these things but if they act out of line then they should be reprimanded or even dismissed upon severity.


What is 'diversity training', that should be defined before anyone answers this question


I have family members that are bi sexual and transgender. My role is to love them unconditionally. But to present and ask students which gender they want to be is bizarre. Many problems will present themselves in future generations because of it.
Support those students who express an interest in QLGBT and refer them to specialised trained teachers. No teacher should show a prejudice no matter what they believe.


Yes, the government shouldn't be able to limit the training schools want their staff to have.


No, only those who have committed acts of prejudice and discrimination. Also these things shouldn't be required for those who haven't committed acts of prejudice and discrimination, but it should still be encouraged that everyone should be treated equally. Also if anyone commits acts of prejudice or discrimination, they should be put straight into diversity training.


Teachers should be trained on how to cope with all students from all walks of life, cultures. countries and neurodiverse students

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Depending on the definition of diversity. As soon as diversity of gender is added it should NOT be required.



No, for that matter it has been proven that diversity training has the opposite affect of what is wanted and creates more isms on all sides.


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No, it should be a choice but those who show any type of prejudice MUST take the training


No, this should be at the Ministry level/teacher training level rather than the school's responsibility



I don't think diversity training works, but schools should have the freedom to make their own decisions (even if they are bad)


You are you born male or female If you think you are anything other, this is a mental illness


I don't really know what this means. Surely most public schools field a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds, I know mine did, so it would seem that most teachers probably receive that experience in the classroom.


Yes, and install a 'calling in' or education system for those who discriminate


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