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Yes, and create more social programs to provide free food, clothing, and medicine

@95KSND5 answered…1wk

Yes, as long as they are not breaking the law in any other ways, harassment, violence etc and more resources into support them into spaces they are comfortable with to provide for their needs, shelter, mental and medical health, food, clothes, community

@95KB458 answered…1wk

No, But there should be support for them. No fine if a one time thing.

@95FNLHX answered…2wks

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@958PC49 answered…3wks

Intruduce more supervision and help within the available homeless shelters as most are ran by gangs or other groups that control the shelter secretly to have these groups reduced and abolshied.

@martinnes answered…3mos

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@936SBXV answered…4mos

No, but make the programs for housing homeless people more appealing

@8YWL2YJ answered…8mos

I would prefer they seek the help they need otherwise be put in places that can help them

@8Y48SCG answered…9mos

No, But we should create more social programs to provide free food, clothing, and medicine anyway.


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