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Yes, but only if done ethically and in an environmentally friendly way. Packaging should need labelling to if the food is GM

@8FXTCG2 answered…2yrs

Yes if commercially viable and financially better off. But label's

@8DQPT7Z answered…2yrs

NO - NEVER - and especially not in areas where they can pollute other farmers with pollen and modified gene stock - it makes no sense - there is a rapidly increasing world wide market for clean organic food - we can make much better export market with premium clean food than with genetically modified food which is not even accepted by many countries as an import item - for example China one of our largest trading partners

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Yes, but strict regulations on the ability of companies to patent biological organisms and genomes need to be developed first and companies will need to accept full liability for unforeseen negative consequences for health, the environment etc.

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Yes, if producers cannot be patent seeds AND labelling of such foods in mandatory.

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Yes, but I support the use of genetically engineered crops and foods to be able to save other crops and food from going extinct.

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Yes, but require the labelling of foods that are genetically modified


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