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Create a Universal Basic Income that allow all within our borders to survive with at least the basic necessities.

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People that are proven to be fit for work should be given government work experience like cleaning our streets, helping in welfare clinics, jury duty, atleast 2 days a week.

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no, benefit should not be able to be sent on drug or alcohol or cigarettes or junk food. however should increase for the elderly that have worked there whole life's and paid tax.

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More for people who needs it most, like elders, disabled and students. Less for people with criminal background, positive drug test results, and people who keep having children to exploit child welfare.

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I think there needs to be more opportunities to educate and have a guaranteed job on achievement of certification.

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Cases need to be handled more in a case by case manner. Less restrictions for people going on a benefit for health reasons. More for employment reasons.

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More checks on unemployed, stop their financial support if they cannot provide evidence of job interviews in the last 2 months. Also stop benefits who are on it for more than 5 years.

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The benefit should be a livable amount and follow inflation but no one should get it for free unless not fit to work. There is plenty of community work that can be undertaken or study. There needs to be a separate sickness benefit and more money paid to these people based on previous income (like ACC). They also have more expenses due to health.

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Pay services such as landlord and power and put money on card that can only be used at certain outlets and for certain products I.e. pak n save not alcohol then give a small cash amount for sundry

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Support those struggling on benefits more, but provide more incentives to work or study

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It should be easier for whom have never needed help as have paid taxes and worked hard. Then should be harder for those who aren’t willing to study, getting arrested, doing drugs, and receiving money to keep up their lifestyle.

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Cut benefits for those who can work. Also cut income tax for those earning under $50k

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Welfare benefits can be reduced if the cost of the basic requirements like rents, food, power etc. is controlled. New Zealand is known to have the highest rentals and one ends up spending 50% or more on housing costs.

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A study was done where poor people were placed in good housing and provided money to pay for food and good clothing. Without the pressure of money they then could study and look after the children the way they want to and felt better about life and then wanted to improve their lives even more.

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Benefits for single parent families, families in poverty the elderly and for the sick or the sick should be increased all other benefits to be replaced by government sponsored work creation -

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Above all benefits should be customised to the individuals needs. A single mother living in Auckland will have different financial needs and job prospects to a single mother in rural Canterbury. An individual struggling with mental health or drug addiction is not the same as someone who is in perfect health. Access to regular mental health support and career guidance meetings should be mandatory in order to motivate and inspire instead of a system of scolding and judgement. living essentials and expenses such as rent, and power should be provided directly to the individuals intended recipient

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depends. Limit duration but increase amount for temporary benefits to make them a transition support not a lifestyle. Permanent benefits should provide sufficient for basic living but only to those who really need it.

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More restrictions. Being on a benefit needs to be less attractive than not

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More, increase benefits for the elderly and disabled, reform the system so that it supplements rather than replaces a working income.

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More restrictions in terms to make sure people do not abuse the system so that people actually need it will get it rather than someone who is not willing to make an effort

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Benefits should be the same current growth but hardship assistances should be reworked and the ministry of social development should have more communication with purchases with smaller businesses.

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More, in terms of using less money in the hand and given food vouchers, fuel vouchers, automatic bill payments so the benefit is being used appropriately. It should be a supplement not replacing a working income except sickness and disability benefits (not unemployment).

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More, reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income

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