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They should regulate it, and standardise the amount that can be spent.

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Yes, because not banning them increases the risk of social media companies being able to interfere and influence politics/elections.

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I now shown just for a fact the fake choices is means big ban for community service

@8VH229M answered…1yr

Yes, unless it is a specific group or page dedicated to the political party or person, the people coming across these groups or pages should also be aware of this

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Social media should encourage everyone to take a questionnaire like this one to determine who they should vote for. The questionnaire should never be biased.

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No, but it should be obvious that is it an advertisement and regulated for false or misleading information

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No, but it needs to be clearly labelled what is political advertising (not manipulating algorithms to show news stories that have a certain slant as a way of conditioning people to vote a certain way)

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No, but they should have an obligation to ensure it is not misleading

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No - but there should be fact-checking, and if something is not true it should be obviously pointed out. That's tricky, but too many people are misinformed.

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Put caps in the amounts that candidates can spend on their campaigns, rather than restrict the kind of media that they campaign on.

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I think political parties would/should probably make that decision for them & not engage with politicking their messages through social media - this could potentially make them more vulnerable to nasty/personal attacks from the "faceless" public & in doing so dilute the impact of their initial message which was probably presented in a sincere & truthful manner.

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No as long each political ad is vetted to hold correct information

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Social media is just another platform to be heard and it’s not going away anytime soon, I fact it’s only going to get worse, we have to learn to read between the lines and see it for what it’s become

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