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@95KSND5 answered…1wk

No, however the government should get out of the way to allow the market to break them up

@946J2D5 answered…2mos

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@martinnes answered…3mos

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@8RR7383 answered…2yrs

No and the government should not provide any subsidies to these companies

@8HTNRH8 answered…2yrs

Amazon and Facebook could be possibilities but google is harmless.

@8H7HDKG answered…2yrs

I don’t think we can break them up but I do think they should pay taxes in NZ

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I believe the NZ Government does not have the power to do so, but it does have the capacity to enforce regulations and work towards an understanding of what is and is not acceptable, especially in regards to online misinformation, fake news, and fair treatment of employees

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What does "break up" mean? If it means taxing them and not allowing them to use tax havens (including NZ), then yes.
Curb their data-collection powers in general like the EU's GDPR. But try and incentivize them to invest in NZ - particularly Amazon to create jobs and set up a NZ base.

@8CCMYJY answered…2yrs

No. The New Zealand Government does not have the power to do this.


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