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No, private prisons will sacrifice quality of care and rehabilitation services for profit

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Trial it - with regulation to prevent mismanagement and corruption

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This has happened in other places, prisnoirs become numbers and the more you get the more money you make

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Yes , if that is the best outcome for tax payers dollars and the prison its self

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Out source prisons to Malaysia - that would save millions of dollars per year.

@8HTNRH8 answered…2yrs

Let’s not make New Zealand more corrupted than it currently is, simple answer is no. Whoever thinks about saying yes to this, better have a profession in dealing with situations which get out of hand. because for the corrections minister to go along with this, well I guess I would like to see it happen.

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Prisons are already privately run with the amount of outsourced contractors.

@8H48RGP answered…2yrs

Yes but Remove occupancy quotas and replace and emphasise rehabilitation education and skill training

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There should be no prisons. We need to work towards rehabilitation as the core punishment.

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I think it should be 50% state owned and 50% private, then the government can ensure the prison is managed appropriately but also private companies can have their freedoms too.

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No, private prisons endeavor to make money, and in order to do that they want more prisoners. Repeat offenders are a source of income therefore they would do nothing in order to rehabilitate prisoners.

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As long as the majority of their time is in rehabilitation and sending them out on a regular basis to work in the community for the community I don't mind who does it

@8DRQDVC answered…2yrs

No, but most prisoners should work to cover costs were safe to do so

@8DRCTJ8 answered…2yrs

if the private company contains 6 times the population of earth than yes other wise no

@8DR3FBT answered…2yrs

well I think that they shouldn't because they might not know how to control the prison

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Officers can just run the prisons but no one is allowed to RUN someone they can run the place and manage the people but they have no right to RUN a person.

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Private prisons should hire their own staff then approved by the movement in their choices.


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