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@93KMMWR answered…3mos

In theory yes, but having government regulate is a slippery slope.

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@92G9Z9X answered…5mos

No because the government always has an agenda so they could change things to work for them

@8XWJX9R answered…10mos

No but make policies that mean that sites have to themselves fact check their information to make sure there isn’t fake news.

@8SWV8RV answered…1yr

There should be guidelines and regulations on those but it should not be in favour of a particular party, should be an independent commission.

@8SWPRCK answered…1yr

There should be more education around how to determine fake news. Publishing something that is not true is already covered by existing laws.

@8Q8FDSZ answered…2yrs

No,just regulate news on social media instead of social media itself

@8J7C6KF answered…2yrs

Somewhat, they should flag things with fake news tags but not delete it.

@8HZNJFY answered…2yrs

No, but there should be consequences for social media hate speech and bullying.

@8H72XLV answered…2yrs

yes, but it should be done with complete transparency and it has to be proven as a fact

@8H5267R answered…2yrs

No, but social media should control its self unless their site is being used to peddle violence or hate against others.

@8GX36BZ answered…2yrs

Yes, but they should only be able to flag it as such, not ban it. And be transparent about their reasons for doing so with an explanation as to why. They should not have the power to delete it, such a power takes away freedom of speech

@8G9WCL9 answered…2yrs

No, bit more education around social media needs to be taught to all ages

@8G8BFJS answered…2yrs

This could be covered by legislation and Courts to cover false and misleading information

@8G5SJKR answered…2yrs

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@8F8SQML answered…2yrs

No, the government should work to educate people on how to recognise misinformation for themselves.

@8F5VZL6 answered…2yrs

Government should have the right to fine any company that breeches a law to enforce truth in information provided on their sites

@8DWW88L answered…2yrs

No but the companies should be treated as content providers as opposed to neutral platforms and as such lose any legal protections.

@8DVV6HP answered…2yrs

An independent news team could provide warnings independent of govt.

@8DRQDVC answered…2yrs

No but more regulation should be placed on social media companies to remove fake news

@8DRQBT9 answered…2yrs

They should be regulated but not specifically by the current ruling government.

@8DMT9L4 answered…2yrs

No and yes. Social network sites need regulation around this issue, but a government is not the regulatory body for this task.

@8D5N26W answered…2yrs

Yes, but the criteria for what is fake news needs to be regulated.

@8CPMBRD answered…2yrs

Not ban, but keep them on their toes to delete abusive / criminal / hate speech and any other content deemed inappropriate

@8CN37M5 answered…2yrs

Government shouldn't have control over social media sites, however they should put forward best management practices and guidelines for these sites to have unbiased algorithms and reduction of fake news.

@8CJH7QY answered…2yrs

People need to use their own intelligence and work out their own opinions and stances, and not be to taken in and reliant on social media. People have become lazy and believe too much of what they hear through social media.

@TravellingFOOT answered…2yrs

Yes, but by a non-biased entity that will fact-check the data and provide true and accurate information.

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@8CCR7DK answered…2yrs

Very hard to answer... social media is never going to go away and we will believe what we want to hear and what we see for ourselves, it’s not up to any government to control our mind

@8CBZCDF answered…2yrs

An independent watchdog could monitor and highlight fake news activity. Should not be a government activity.

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Yes, social media companies are politically biased and need to be regulated

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Yes, there is too much fake news and misinformation on social media

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No, social media companies are private and should not be regulated by the government


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