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Teachers not use equipment or weapon by hurt children at I terminator the teens not use I creat Increase never loss uncomfortable with intermittent is expired

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carrying guns against themes which just is adorable in guns in shooting out theirs schools and intermeitments collages when updated providing high schools fraser high college schools in Hamilton when useful guns and bb guts pistor school teachers auckland grammer girl high schools with belonging most into Hamilton boys and high scholarshipsness use power guns with mitters we not safe ed-urgent care incentives treatments warrant to arrest bylaw yes you can but no peoples under age of 11-17 age of kids can leave by police

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No, this could cause unnecessary panic to students, there should be trained security guards on site that can be easily contacted by each teacher incase of emergency

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WHY WOULD you ask such a question no WERE not amirica with Donald trump as our leader NZ is not a gun contry it’s a safe contry no more shorting attacks you shouldn’t talk adout this question

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No But I think that entrances to schools should have cameras and monitors to prevent children being kidnapped and visitors monitored. For sure they need plastic door wedges in every room to stop door opening if shooter in school and all rooms should have some form of escape ladder in case of a shooting .

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Only if the school needs the security, it should be qualified security guards!

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No, introducing more guns leads to a highly likelihood of shootings

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If there is a need for this then I lean to having security staff opposed to teaches with guns.

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No, I don't trust our current crop of teachers to teach, let alone be actively armed.

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Yes, schools should require at least one teacher or security guard to be armed


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