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@8J6LDSM answered…2yrs

Yes but not at the expense of putting people into debts they can’t manage

@8J2FBLH answered…2yrs

Yes, and regulate how many investment properties can be purchased from not only foreigners but also citizens

@8HSJ432 answered…2yrs

Yes help New Zealand Citizens buy their first home so reduce first home deposits by 5% and ban all foreigners from buying any properties.

@8HS6NJS answered…2yrs

Yes reduce to first home buyers deposits below 1.5% but to only PR or Citizens who work and live in NZ. Reduce to married couples to 0.5% or lower to couples who work and live in NZ.

@8HLRRXD answered…2yrs

yes and ban foreigners from purchasing investment properties. Limit citizens from buying up more than 5-10 properties

@8H5XFNG answered…2yrs

Work on investment property buyers, limit them or tax them to allow others to buy

@8GRHPMY answered…2yrs

Government should incentivize housing purchases for first home buyers but limit second homes and foreign investment for rentals etc

@8GRGD7F answered…2yrs

Yes, Reduce deposits for first home buyers and also ban foreigners from purchasing investment properties

@8GR39FS answered…2yrs

Yes but make it easier for first home buyers to buy a property instead of people who are just purchasing for investment properties or limit the amount of investment properties an individual can have

@8GP78F9 answered…2yrs

Yes, reduce first home deposits to 1-5% and ban foreigners from purchasing investment properties

@8GL7WXR answered…2yrs

Ban foreigners from purchasing investment property and reduce first home deposit to 3% Increase wages and salaries to be able to save more for first homes and reduce cost of food prices - especially health foods and fresh fruit and vegetables.

@8GL5TM4 answered…2yrs

No, tax should be put in place to disincentivize the use of property as investment

@8GD34SP answered…2yrs

How about some government policies that enable more affordable housing e.g. increasing earning potential and reducing compliance cost

@8G3VSM6 answered…2yrs

Yes, and ban overseas buyers from purchasing investment properties (including retroactive bans for those who have already made such a purchase)

@8G2TR84 answered…2yrs

Yes. and remove foreigners purchasing investment properties and only allow NZ'rs to purchase land within the city they live in or are moving to live within 3-6 months

@8FXTCG2 answered…2yrs

Yes more support, lower cash deposit or have a government 1st mortgage for deposit amount. Interest and repayable after 5 years and reviewed.

@8DB22JH answered…2yrs

Yes, And create more small / tiny homes with smart green initiatives and less of a footprint

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@TravellingFOOT answered…2yrs

Reduce first home deposits to 0% and ban foreigners from purchasing investment properties

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@8CCH92P answered…2yrs

Reduce restrictions on development, which would decrease the price of housing whist increasing supply

@8CBZCDF answered…2yrs

@8C9KCP7 answered…2yrs

Yes, it should be reduced and ban foreigners from purchasing investment houses

@8C7XT4V answered…2yrs

No, ban overseas investors from buying land and introduce tiered capitol gains tax to reflect the amount of investment properties one owns

@8C7WJL8 answered…2yrs

Limit overseas investors purchasing investment properties and lower first home buyers deposit

@8C7C9PF answered…2yrs

Allow foreign buyers to buy new (not secondhand property as in Australia)

@8C6GSQP answered…2yrs

Reduce deposits for first home buyers and ban foreigners/overseas buyers from purchasing homes.


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