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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

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Futties with increase no was for high schools with no bodies I nidell. Bises bises is like gambling and help drink line grunks ongoing process the point is leave mental and iisness is increase dhb all across new Zealand opening borders

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The NZ education system needs to change. Boys and girls learn differently

@8HMQ3YH answered…2yrs

somewhat, there needs to be a middle ground - it’s too difficult to teach to each unique student and society doesn’t cater to everyone separately

@8HC5VW4 answered…2yrs

No, teaching should be the most revered, respected and rewarded role in society. It currently is not. Allow for teachers to get paid their worth in order to make teaching more appealing.

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No: focus on the development of each student and stop schools from being focused entirely on getting results

@8DZ6Y36 answered…2yrs

I would like to say that it would be better to customise teaching practices to better meet the different learning needs of different students but this is not currently financially viable.

@8CT7CDK answered…2yrs

schools need to be teaching budgeting, financial planning and better career plannibg

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I think there needs to be an assessment model so we can see if children are struggle, middle of the pack or thriving but having room for the fact that not everyone will thrive in the schooling system, and some would be better off out of it.


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