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No, and there should be more Maori representation built into political structures

If you want to abolish racism in the world at some point society will have to become conditioned to be colourblind. Having Maori, Chinese, Polish, Jewish, Muslim or any other culturally bound requirements on parliament are counterproductive to cultural and societal progression in our society.

@964V782 answered…3 days

Neutraal. There should be a minimum amount but encourage people to vote normal

@946LBB8 answered…2mos

No but for example shutting down Napier hospital over land wars shouldn't come before medical care needs etc

@8ZBGC9D answered…7mos

No group of people should be represented more or less than any other group just because of their race or heritage. If a group of people wants more representation, they must be voted in as representatives.

@8YWL2YJ answered…8mos

I believe it shouldn’t be focused on the fact that they are Māori, it should be their character

@8X98YZH answered…11mos

Yes, but work towards removing them over time. Race shouldn't affect your chance of success.

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no the Maori were here be for the British and the Dutch so why should we get rid of the Maori that's racisem and should not even be an argument

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I would say potentially reduce it race does need to be shown but they are given to many for free if they won't more they campaign and earn them

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Parliament should be up of new zealanders without singling out one race over another.

@8HS4KJ2 answered…2yrs

The Question you must ask yourself when answering this question is. How long do a certain race have to inhabit a piece of land to be. remarked as "Indigenous" from my stance personally as a Maori I do not think 1200-800 years is actually enough time to classify yourself as indigenous because Pakeha got here in the 1700s and they are not classified indigenous these are very small time frames so. The Answer would be an open for opinion NO as no race should get special treatment in Parliament.

@Biggerblue answered…2yrs

We should have sub governments ie Maori and european etc that report to a central government with accountability

@8HFLSGC answered…2yrs

South Africa went from 1st world country to white being having to flee from black on white racism so these rules of colour tend to make me nervous. Not wanting history to repeat itself - why see so much into colour?

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yes, but we should be working towards a society that does not require Maori specific seats in parliament in order to represent marginalized people because race is no longer relevant.

@8H74XFN answered…2yrs

Maori or not everyone should be the same, treated the same. And not have more likely to get a seat couse your maori

@8GZPJRC answered…2yrs

The amount of seats for Maori should stay and more seats be added.

@8GYVRVN answered…2yrs

Maybe have more Maori as people in government all countries need to be humanised keep ur heritage what family for but WE ARE ALL HUMAN THE SAME AS EACH OTHER PRESENT DAY FORWARD NOT HISTORY ALL AS ONE EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS

@8GXD55R answered…2yrs

We need to stop driving a wedge between our people, we are all Kiwis

@8GKZYJ6 answered…2yrs

No but maori should be able to vote on both the maori roll and the regular .

@8GKNBB8 answered…2yrs

Personally I think race should not impact seats but it could be taken in a wrong way for Maori as they could deem it as racist

@8GD5XF4 answered…2yrs

Yes but should be put to a referendum for the people to have their say.

@8G8C36B answered…2yrs

Not yet, but we should be working towards their eventual disestablishment.

@8G8BFJS answered…2yrs

Thus is an issue for Maori but the overall concepts of fairness and equity would apply

@8G7K8H7 answered…2yrs

No, but less amounts of seats and more focus of Māori presence within schools


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