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why is there an age of retirement? what does the government have to do with people that retire if they do not employ them

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Retirement should be means tested. Those who require it sooner should get it sooner

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No it should be lowered and incentives provided to encourage retirement at the eligible age

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No, and those who keep working should have a means tested pension

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No, providing your household had contributed for 25 years, you should choose when you retire based on your circumstances but limit the period of entitlement to 25 years maximum.

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No, but lower for those who have worked for more than 25 years in a physically demanding job

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I think people that chose to work shohkd get a tax break, no tax on super and if you have had a manual job super earlier than sedantary roles

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Pay retirees more and get them out of the workforce. They stay in jobs and make good money because they’ve been in them for decades and end up drawing a pension on top. This keeps others from advancing in the workplace and moving up in the world. The pension should be means tested.

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