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@8HHPMKK answered…2yrs

No, but more investment should be made to find and fund alternative methods of pest control in remote areas

@8HB2N5Q answered…2yrs

No- But dropping it out of a helicopter for all animals to consume should be banned! We could one employing so many people for filling bait stations so only possums consume the bait instead.

@8H9LKLL answered…2yrs

No but ban it when we make an alternative that makes the animal not suffer

@8GL8P5P answered…2yrs

No but put more energy into environmentally friendly methods e.g. trapping cages so that 1080 can be eliminated as it’s a toxic material affecting other wildlife.

@8G5XN9G answered…2yrs

1080 is an old graphics standard superseded by the better quality 4 and 8k. The government should definitely ban its use!

@8G5Q9N2 answered…2yrs

Yes, ban it. Use the sudden boost in interest and/or donations to provide more funding to the organisation/scientists currently working on 1080 alternatives. This will shorten the time until the alternatives are available. In the gap between 1080 being banned and new alternatives being introduced, increase current alternatives like trapping and introduce a thing where if you catch a pest such as a possum, cut off its tail and kill it and bring it to these offices. The offices pay about 10 cents a possum. (Approximately).

@8DR49HG answered…2yrs

No, but there should be more restrictions on its use and look for alternative ways to reduce harm to innocent animation.

@8DQPT7Z answered…2yrs

only if it is going to subsidise by job creation increasing the manpower required to maintain the same level of pest irradication by practical means - including a bounty on possum and rabbit tails

@8DMT9L4 answered…2yrs

No, but continued research into alternatives that reduce or end our necessary use of poisons to control predators should receive increased funding

@8CF4X8R answered…2yrs

Continue until an alternative is found? Work in conjunction with scientists, hunters etc

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