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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

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Yes, and even more so if the end product is water and it is being exported.

@8J69J9Z answered…2yrs

No, only if they are shipping overseas and use the funds to clean local waterways

@8J2FBLH answered…2yrs

Yes, but only dependent on the size of the business, the amount of water used, environmental impact and drought risk of the area. Small, low impact businesses should be exempt or granted a cap.

@8J29YXC answered…2yrs

I think the water bottlers should be charged, but farmers are an important part of nz export so need another plan

@8HYK6KH answered…2yrs

When a business is using this resource to make money but not all businesses should have to suffer this tax if they are using it normally.

@8HS6NJS answered…2yrs

Only for foreign big billionaire businesses but not to local businesses/kiwi owned.

@8GX5YBQ answered…2yrs

There should be an incentive to more efficiently use and save water.

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Depends on the business, the size, and what the needs and uses for the water use

@8DQPT7Z answered…2yrs

business should pay for the water they use , have a payment structure that rewards businesses by rebate on saving water and water implementing efficiencies and also charged for their waste water to the environment because it's not the rate payers responsibility to subsidise business

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