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No, we should limit immigration to slow down the housing demand instead

@95KSND5 answered…1wk

Yes, by making more suburbs, not taking green spaces in already dense cities. Discourage empty houses in dense cities instead and encourage businesses to create more jobs out of those cities.

@95FNLHX answered…2wks

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@946J2D5 answered…2mos

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@martinnes answered…3mos

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@9355TL3 answered…4mos

No, we should look to utilise the space we have now better with more housing diversity. Eg more apartments rather than just houses in suburban areas

@92X4SKY answered…5mos

Yes, if it is excess farmland and nothing with native trees on it.

@8VW77LV answered…1yr

Yes but only if it is unproductive land and not for high intensity housing

@8TP49C8 answered…1yr

Yes, but develop it into high density housing to fit more people in a smaller area

@8T4N3WQ answered…1yr

Yes but only if it’s unproductive land and ok with the people who own the land and place like the Maori

@8T4K8M8 answered…1yr

Yes but only if it’s unproductive land and ok with the people who own the land and place

@8SPST4B answered…1yr

Only if it’s not maori land, and if it is have consent from tangatawhenua

@8RMDC9J answered…2yrs

yes, but only if building is done to makes home more environmentally friendly and good to live in.

@8J9WQVN answered…2yrs

Limit immigration adjust criteria for immigration, cap developers price on land sales

@8J82HPC answered…2yrs

No make trees TREES TREES in unused land stop STOP cutting Down trees and have ing more unused land that never gets used You know we need trees to live if we keep cutting them down then future people us won’t get to expriance much will they stop Being happy cuase your rich and can cut trees get more money And do nothing with the land and Be rich and live another 20 years Plants tress plant flowers vegetables herds fruit more greens

@8J6FQFH answered…2yrs

Land fairly purchased only with minimal environmental and cultural impact

@8J2D5TR answered…2yrs

No... too many are/become holiday homes stand empty most of the year. The dream of the bach should be over. Families/first home buyers now miss out on owning a home so someone can have a holiday home they use twice a year.

@8J2BWBQ answered…2yrs

Keep strict city limits and encourage immigrants and returning New Zealanders to have to move to outer areas

@8J29YXC answered…2yrs

It should be law that only nz citizens or nz born can own land, therefore reducing the number of high buyers and slowing the rise of value, so that regular nz people can AFFORD housing.

@8HYSLR7 answered…2yrs

No, use brown field sites and regenerate areas in where tgere is poor housing

@8HV53YY answered…2yrs

Green fields and undeveloped land should be used to farm hemp as it is the most sustainable resource on the planet and can be utilised to stop a good chuck of the problems we face that lead to global warming and poverty - it is the way of our future and cost effective - this should be where our focus is - cost of building energy gas and oil will be minimal - therefore making living cheaper - will add jobs for farming and the factories work to convert hemp to whatever resource we need - also it will help eliminate CO2 from our atmosphere- why is this not in our plans for the near future ??

@8HV4MCZ answered…2yrs

Only where necessary, but priority should be on increasind density.

@8HTW8W5 answered…2yrs

This is wrong question. Local council do not supply greenfield developments. Developers supply

@8HTMYJ9 answered…2yrs

We still need green space. Cheap nasty houses that cost a fortune are being presented as affordable. No garden. No garage. Non space. Is a joke

@8HSG4PT answered…2yrs

Yes, we should be considerate as to which land we use. Considering climate change and restoring land to native forest

@8HM3Y6H answered…2yrs

No, limit immigration & disallow immigrants from owning houses and property in NZ - they can rent only from a kiwi landlord only, NO FOREIGN OWNERSHIP

@8HLRRXD answered…2yrs

No; reimagine brownfield land that is unused/under-utilised, build up where appropriate; limit car parking and encourage walking/cycling/public transport

@8HHDZ37 answered…2yrs

Yes but councils ability to pay for infrastructure needs to be enhanced


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