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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, everyone should receive an income to cover basic necessities including food and housing

@949Z49K answered…1mo

Trial runs in certain towns, but we need structural economic reform

@936R3WS answered…4mos

@8Z3H6V4 answered…8mos

If there was somehow a voucher/timed system, like a payment card, so that it was used to stem the economy, and that people couldn't save it, and had to spend it.

@8WMCQDQ answered…12mos

No, government welfare should be reserved only for those who need government welfare, as to not waste taxpayer money.

@8TLSXNW answered…1yr

yes it should be made avalible for thoughs in need of it but if you are able to work and there is work avalible you shouldnt be elidable and this should be looked into on a case to case basis and onlt a tempory solution for someone in need.

@6T6Y4L2 from Rhode Island answered…2yrs

@8J65XXK answered…2yrs

Yes, everyone should recieve an income to cover basic necessities but only for a certain period of time.

@8J56RKJ answered…2yrs

Used to assist working family's or families with mental or physical disabilities. Previous convictions will impact the ability to claim

@8H7JNC2 answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if they are in education,, training, job seeking or working

@8H5TVWJ answered…2yrs

A benefit card to cover food. Alcohol and cigarettes unable to be purchased. Rent paid directly. Budgeting service to support managing bills e.g. power etc

@8GXGCRQ answered…2yrs

Yes but everyone should be required to also contribute to their community in a meaningful way

@8GRMHRQ answered…2yrs

No, solo parents would struggle to survive, as well as those on disability benefits. Poverty would increase

@8GL7WXR answered…2yrs

No, we need to encourage and enforce more people to work for their money instead of getting hard earned tax payer money handouts from the government when a lot of the time, the people who do get handouts waste it on gambling, drugs and alcohol. Emphasis needs to be on improving infrastructure and facilities and services, reduce or slow down the cost of living to earnings so people can actually afford to pay for basic necessities themselves. And make healthcare and dental services free (included in the taxes) and reduce prices on environmentally friendly products and services to reduce carbon footprint and entice people to make more environmentally conscious decisions with their purchases.

@8GL4997 answered…2yrs

@8GDM2QV answered…2yrs

Yes but for those who choose not to work or don't budget, their nessesities eg rent, power should be paid for before receiving the rest of their payment

@8GC7HLT answered…2yrs

Most of the benefit should be in vouchers that can only buy essentials

@8G6W4ZJ answered…2yrs

@8FXTCG2 answered…2yrs

It sounds good but I believe it will encourage less motivated staff, until small business can afford to pay more this is not viable

@8FVRJ2C answered…2yrs

Only if they are proving to look for work, and/or are struggling to gain employment.

@8FS6F2K answered…2yrs

@8FDBBK4 answered…2yrs

Those that are capable of working should be made to do some sort of work to get financial assistance

@8FB2JTM answered…2yrs

Yes, only to people who are learning skills or educating themselves to increase their skill level in order to gain employment paying a higher income.

@8F3VT82 answered…2yrs

This is based on individual cases. A person or family should not suffer and require to have the essentials. This should not be equated as a handout. The individual should be encouraged to acquire skill sets which can get them employed.

@XaideeMSACT answered…2yrs

Yes but it should replace almost all forms of welfare that are currently in place

@TravellingFOOT answered…2yrs

Yes, everyone should receive an income to cover basic necessities including food and housing as long as they are productive and contributing members of society

@8C6GSQP answered…2yrs

Yes but Only those who are under a certain income bracket and be given fuel/food vouchers and automatic bill payments to make sure its being used for the necessities.


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