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Yes, and ban all disposable products that are not made of at least 75% of biodegradable material

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No, but increase tax incentives for companies that make biodegradable products

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Slowly faze out products made of 50% or less biodegradable material, and make people more aware of why the government is doing this.

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clearly communicate what can be disposed of by the local government green bins, instead of the bins being refused because they dont accept a biodegradable package in them.

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Yes, But only for the plastic products that have been over produced.

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No, re-evaluate plastics/bio-degradable material impact on environment - e.g. replacing single use plastic bags with woven bags has negative impacts on the environment, especially since many people actually used sing-use bags for secondary purposes.

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Yes, but working with the disabled communtiy to find alternatives.

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Yes, but if these products are beneficial to disabled people there should be an exception. E.g Plastic straws.

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Imported beverages in bottles should be allowed but the sale of plastic cutlery that is not biodegradable should be banned

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all disposable products that are not 100% biodegradable should be banned

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Depends on the size of the product, if it's small it's not as bad but large things being 50%+ make it so they still have more non-biodegrable than 10 items on the smaller size.

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Not if they will be replaced with longer lasting textiles that persist in the environment for longer. We need a better information campaign with more thoughtful changes before banning things.

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when out in public events i think essentials use for cutlery i think that it should be biodegradable

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Yes, but we need incentives for recycling and other products to use instead.

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Just regulate the use instead ig you should get only one plastic plate

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You could ban single use plastics from bins(except wraps) from the recycle bin and make more restrictions on what you can put in that bin

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no but increase tax on companies that don't have at least 50% biodegradable products

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No, most plastic products can be reused. Stop advertising as single use

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China is the biggest polluter. Stop allowing cheap, easily broken rubbish in. Reduce all plastic.

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No, it is a matter of how it is being used and dispose. There should be campaigns etc on how we use them

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No, instead of banning these materials Vanders and manufacturers and product developers should be incentivised to manage the full life cycle of the materials they use in their products. Reclaiming, re-using or recycling these materials. Tesla is doing this with the lithium for the car batteries and have established it is way cheaper to do this than to mine new lithium.

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It is useless having biodegradable materials until commercial hot compost is made available across New Zealand. As it stands many cafes now have Biodegradable cups which cannot be composted in most households and whose lining mean they can't even be recycled so they all end up in landfill where they are even more harmful than a regular cup as they break into tiny pieces

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