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No, but we should increase funding to offer education and skill building services for prisoners

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Yes, if violence also includes all forms of physical risk, sexual violation and domestic violence including mental abuse and manipulation. Yes, if above and they attend an appropriate program with the goal to rehabilitate and restitution.

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Depending on the crime, I believe that if the prisoner has served enough Time for a non violent crime, They Should be released but be put under watch/house arrest

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Yes, But with adequate support available to rehabilitate them into the community

@949Z7LQ answered…1mo

With restrictions, perhaps mandatory monthly check-ins for a set time period.

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Yes so long as conditions arou d re od Ffendjng are imposed and support and resources are offered and supplied by the government to help them

@945CMXZ answered…2mos

I believe it is based on the crime for example in the case of rape a man might be on good behavior in a prison full of men but could still be violent towards women

@93ZGGQR answered…2mos

Create a bail system based on prison behavior and willingness to change.

@93Z232G answered…2mos

Yes, but we should also give them opportunities for education and skills

@93RZP5G answered…3mos

Yes, but they must check in daily for education and skill based services funded by the government or be sent back.

@93DV7HS answered…4mos

give them a lesser form of punishment depending on crime that doesn't require prison or a warning.

@938987L answered…4mos

Yes, but increase funding to offer education and skill building services for prisoners in order to do so.

@92TTXKS answered…5mos

I think that every case is different and needs a different approach. most people aren’t for drugs need help not prison.

@92GM5RX answered…5mos

yes but only if their crime wasn’t involved with rape,assault,murder

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the purpose of prison should be for rehabilitation rather than punishment, so if the prisoner shows signs of changing then they should be released

@8Z622MF answered…7mos

Yes, but they can only have 12 months or less on their sentence, have been non-violent for at least 2 years, remain under house arrest until their sentence is finished, and be offered education and skill building services

@8WWRTNX answered…11mos

Yes, but place them under house arrest using an electronic bracelet until sentence is served.

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@8VMZK8Z answered…1yr

Yes, and they should increase funding to offer education and rehabilitation services for prisoners

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yes but placed into community programmes and support groups to facilitate moving back into society

@8T7YFJF answered…1yr

i think its a good idea to let the prisoners go if they are good but they should go to therapy for 2 week before being let free.

@8T4N3WQ answered…1yr

Yes they can but must do community service and like closely watched or like tracked

@8T2GYGK answered…1yr

They can be placed under house arrest or just move them to another prison

@8T2GYFK answered…1yr

Let them go under house arrests if over crowding happens or get them sent to other prisons

@8SWV8RV answered…1yr

Yes, but have community service engaged with mentoring programmes .

@8SSJNFD answered…1yr

no they shouldn't but they should have their sentence shortened and be moved to a different facility where they are allowed more freedom and where they should be able to mingle with more people.

@8RQRWFF answered…2yrs

Yes, but they should be provided with rehabilitation services and be more closely monitored than the average citizen (more relaxed than parol)

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@8R7XGB9 answered…2yrs

Reapply death penalties so the fundings and taxes can be spent less on people who doesn't deserve a place within the society. Also it raises people's awareness about consequences of going against humanity.

@8QWC5RF answered…2yrs

Yes for the individual offences that aren't overly bad, with the correct rehabilitation provided.


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