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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

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te rohe maori is the aregenets is under european and paikah and under auckland borders with moana te maori bridge to river with oranga tamariki attacked maori co-leader learning te reo with john tamahana race more the te patu maori leaders learn tapu and churches is bless with clouds more mighty gods and under beat the death offer easter on the 25th more decrease can children low lifting is sinks

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I do not feel Maori language teachings should be compulsory (even though it is a beautiful language which I have spent some time learning). I have a pessimistic view that the language is dying and children in NZ should be taught skills relevant to thriving in todays competitive world. I do believe there is a great importance in having unbiased education on New Zealand history and world history. This should be taught from all perspectives and not to a weird skewed agenda.

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The reo Maori is ngaruawhia and te taiaha tawha o tamaki o older maoris when the strikes is aboved I der treatments which Europe and don't give any cares warriors and war against under nath shot guns is fight for life

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No, it should be optional in every school but not compulsory. New Zealand Sign Language should also be offered as it is one of New Zealand’s offical languages

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No, it should be your choice to do it but you do need a basic understanding of who’s land your on

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No, but there should be an option to learn both sign language and te reo Māori

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Yes, all three official languages should be available to be taught in primary schools

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Yes, in primary and intermediate school. Optional in further education

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Not compulsory, but the language and history should be more accurately talked about in all schools so students can better understand why the language is so important to this country.

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It should be optional for students but compulsory for all schools to be able to provide the course content.

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Yes and no, in primary schools but parents can have a say weather there child can learn

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We should have more languages in schools, that also includes maori.


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