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No, and voters should be required to pass a basic test demonstrating their understanding of politics in order to vote

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Yes, but voters need to show proficient knowledge in policitical understanding

@94N5HVW answered…1mo

Maybe it depends on the maturity and awarness, something the governmetn and political partys lack

@93W94YM answered…3mos

Yes, any legal citizen that is Tax Positive should be allowed to vote.

@9355TL3 answered…5mos

Maybe, but we have to set an arbitrary number somewhere so you'd need a pretty good reason as why it would be beneficial at a younger age

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@92KQ2PK answered…5mos

No, but education about voting should be something taught in schools as a compulsory requirement

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@8XD25FL answered…11mos

No, but remove all income taxation for workers younger than 18 years old

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Yes, but people under 18 should take a test to show their understanding of politics to vote

@8T96GSP answered…1yr

yes, but voters should be required to pass a basic test demonstarting their understanding of politics in order to vote.

@8T2GYGK answered…1yr

I think your parents should have a say on it for if you are allowed to vote (like 16 or something)

@8T2GYFK answered…1yr

I think that when you are at the age of eighteen that you have the right to vote.

@8SV39G5 answered…1yr

Leave it as it is but have people who want to vote to take a small standard test

@8RSVFZQ answered…2yrs

If someone under the age of 18 wants to vote and they understand very well how to vote they should

@8RCX92L answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if more education about politics is provided to students

@8QX4QCK answered…2yrs

I believe the minimum wage should be depended on how much the average worker makes the government per year and decided from that

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@8J249K6 answered…2yrs

Yes, but it should not be mandatory between lowered age and current voting age

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i think if someone is over the age of 50 shouldn´t be able to vote because alot of the people i have seen at that age tend to vote for somthig that helps them only and there sick selfish point of view instead of somthing that should help the country old people are selfish let the young people with a proper understanding of the new era be the only ones who can vote

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@8HTCZY8 answered…2yrs

No and voters should be encouraged to inform themselves about party policies

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yes, but voters should have to pass a test demonstrating their political understanding

@8HSDL3P answered…2yrs

yes, but more education around the different parties and policies.

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I think that young people should be able to vote and it should be worth a half view until they are 16

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@8HLYG6Y answered…2yrs

Yes. Age discrimination around voting should be removed altogether.

@8HLFDPH answered…2yrs

This is our future we are the ones who are still gonna be here in 60 years so it should be upto us to decide

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@8HHBY6S answered…2yrs

No but more political education should be provided for high school students

@8HBYY64 answered…2yrs

No, but still advocate for the needs of the minor. Rights are learnt through responsibility e.g. when you turn 18 you are responsible for your actions especially as a criminal

@8HBR664 answered…2yrs

Minimum age should remain the same however there should be a MAXIMUM age i.e 75.


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