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No, and enact legislation preventing government surveillance of citizen communications

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decrease more phone calling but leaders of opportunity paryys as the ban rdue phone calling scams which under internet systems it computers can tracked by survvilines with footages record reported by new zealand police and privates policies online emergencies use excuse stop ban turn off expire is bad scammed

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No, if there is a current investigation it should be carried out by police, with a court order, and government should only be treated as any other New Zealander would be to make a police complaint, which could result in an investigation, and court order.

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Get lost cuz Im trying to watch the bloody "HUB" I dont want the government to see what catagorie I like. Except when it comes to criminology and finding bad guys then it is aceptable

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Yes but only those that they suspect of criminal and/or terrorist activity or those who have a record of such activity

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Only every 5 years, so only every 5 years and in that year they monitar phone calls just incase someone is gonna do something or cause danger. Basically plotting something? Idk that's what I think.

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Depends on the situation. If that person needed mental help and maybe had sucidal thoughts, then yes.

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Thise who see what's out there is more ethics definitely device legally mean is use for checking whats out thier

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