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No, I don’t respect anyone who does but they should have the right to do so

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it fake flag burn out and the new zealand eliminare which new zealand is sia three time twices and the britains burn the whole irish and green and oranges or white person their can uplifting its us the united of american hotdoggs

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We are support Donald trump's USA flag to vote our culture is nationality and law as need poll is results under new zealand government is considered the former new Zealand first party leader Winston peters who unlocked the goods of USA ex-former president Donald trump's less cover letter equal payrise bussiness attacks with all new Zealand globes most of Maori and European are connected to Mr Donald j trump's record with us in process aren't going away

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yes burn the bloddy flays are better off if the new Zealand can traps upper wards was i can beliefs in burned more maori flags-we hate perishes european nz and nationality international keep on boards with human rights and commission interrogatives in powerful minds

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No but if this happened it should be investigated to determine the intention. Then decide whether it was an offensive act or not.

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It should be considered disorderly behaviour and condemned but in accordance with free speech people still have a right to do so no matter how wretched it is

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I'm a traditionalist & our NZ Flag is what defines/identifies us as a people & country & it should be illegal to burn it - that type of action disrespects what our forebears did by paying the ultimate price during Gallipoli, WWI & II, in Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia & of recent times in Afghanistan etc.

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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

No, it’s just a piece of cloth that doesn’t represent what it should


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