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Yes, and fund this by drastically increasing tax on alcohol. And legalising canibus and taxing that too.

 @9MN8GN9New Zealand Loyalanswered…1wk1W

I believe mental health is important. But people who attention seek and say their mental health is bad are just making the most of taking advantage of money given to suppport.

 @9J78RN2 answered…4mos4MO

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They need to fund programs like Mike King's one instead of coming up with their own expensive and useless ones


Yes, more funding for free psychologist, wellness centre, education on nutrition and exercise in schools and more selfcare. Teach people to take responsibility and heal past childhood/ generational trauma


New Zealand should follow world leaders in efficient mental health services so that New Zealanders get the best most cost effective up-to-date treatments, so that tax payer money isn't wasted in this area.


Ensure current funding is not wasting on project management, over priced contractors and admin costs


Not gif research, but for tangible help such as supported living houses and facilities fir people experiencing mental health and housing and everyday support issues. It’s concrete help they need not more research.


Yes, but with a focus on treatment not just medication. Therapy should be more easily accessible.


Need to boost training and paying for those to train in health. Uni should be free for all health degrees


Government alone phycians without pain of equal pay and loss's more most of jobs and bring home European an dutch Chinese with doctor and along side process stirke


Yes, but more important to drive mental skills and give people the tools to be more resilient.



Look at what's being done in other countries that have outstanding results and adapt them to the needs of NZ'ers.


No. Research and treatment options are out there, it is a question of implementation

 @9FYH73F answered…8mos8MO

No, bring God back into schools and watch mental health issues disappear through the power of Jesus Christ.


Yes, our mental healthcare system needs more funding/subsidy to provide more and higher quality of care and services.

 @9FL94FPOpportunities answered…8mos8MO

Yes, but ban EST or shock treatment. Intelligence and memory is definitely effected


Only if Big Pharma isn’t involved. Holistic research research would be nice for a change.


The only funding should be in paper form of flyers and information. I dont think people should be using mental health as an excuse to be incompetent



Yes, on general. But especially: Mental health for those with gender dysphoria- no aid in gender reassignment, puberty blockers, hormone therapy, etc.


Funding has been increased with no improvement or results, that needs to be addressed before more funding added


No, mental health is starting to be used as a cop out for everything, poor behaviour, criminal activity, bit over it myself. I think we need more 'harden up' programmes!


 @9D88R75New Zealand Firstanswered…10mos10MO

No, this is a complete waste of time, mental health can only be fixed if you follow the lord of lords and keep his commandments


Yes, but only if the increased funding will have a direct effect on improving peoples mental health. Not to hire more bureaucrats.


Donald trump and protected by mental health Maoris and issue by the former UK prime minister Boris Johnson announced the government in new Zealand protests


Provide funding for subsidised counselling and physiological therapy


Not until they are more accountable for expenditure and should be results based


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No way, they put 2 billion into mental health 2 years ago , and have currenmtly only spent as few million dollars , all lies to show a surplus, not one more cent till they spend what they have offered


Mental health care is managed by incompetent people in this country who are adding to the suicide rate. Shame on you all


Yes, and give the funding to individuals to apply, not to organisations.


There is plenty of funding available in the budget. It is just not being used at present. USE IT.


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