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Increasing taxes on the rich forces them to take their money overseas where the government can't get it. We should incentivise rich individuals to spend their money here while cracking down on loopholes that allow massive corporations to pay nothing in tax



Introduce Capital Gains Tax to fund infrastructure. Increase tax of wealthy and reduce tax for low discretion income earners. Separate all social benefit funding from political impact.


Yes, although this should focus on taxing forms of income not currently taxed effectively.


It should be $18,000 tax free like Australia. The will help the poor and middle class as the first $18, 000 for all income earners will be $nil tax rate. Tax higher income at $100,000 then $120,000 then $150,000 then $180,000 and so on. Any NZer with tax parked in tax haven should be told to go and live in the tax haven and strip their citizenship off them. They don't contribute to NZ.



Have a fair tax system where no one can hide their income. I know too many business owners that have all their assets and income go into a trust so it is hidden. Close the loop holes.


If you raise taxes of the rich there will be more protests on the rich, not funding the government as much and more.


Tax those who can pay to a certain point, those who worked hard to earn money should not be punished for it however, they should be more willing to help those in need

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The tax and fine beyond of unexcused by seats legend former US president Donald Trump and former UK prime minister Boris Johnson hoping stands personal large tax


if u make enough money too be able too give you should want too. but i also believe in working for Ur own self.


yes, but the salery brackets for each tax rate need to be increased as they have not kept up with inflation

Lower the income tax rate and remove tax completely from overtime hours - how are we supposed to get ahead when being taxed so much more when working more??


Lower income taxes, but add taxes for high income earners where their use of goods and services, or impact on infrastructure etc. is greater than the average individual.


Yes, but make more brackets for higher earners to make it fairer. Lower tax rate for lower earners, and only tax after first 15,000 per annual. earned.


Remove tax from essentials like food water heating(Power) tax luxury items cigarettes alcohol and high bracket companies


No but provide more realistic margins by which we pay tax. It no longer matters what you make when tax, acc and the cost of living don’t align with this; everybody loses. At this point making taxes lower for the poor only increases hardship on the middle because of it what requires to stay in the middle.


I think that takes should stay the same but there should be a way to help the poor with their taxes if they are really struggling and if the rich want.


we should based on their incomes because if we just suddenly raise their taxes and lower the poor .
some people might find unfair buf for me we should lower the taxes to the poor since some of the poor have been working hard but half of their money goes to taxes and also fo their groceries all the things they need until nothing left to thei money to save


Just make the 'rich' (including international companies trading in NZ) pay what thier fair share as some 'rich' are paying as low as 9% tax


Yes, and introduce a luxury items tax, lower income tax for lower income earners and remove tax loopholes for large corporations


all tax charges should be even, not charging the rich more just because they have higher in comes, and lowering taxes for unemployed people or lower paid people.


Have a tax free bracket for incomes less than $50,000 and add taxes for those earning more than $500,000 and remove loopholes for large corporations - any business trading here pays tax here.


No but change the system as it is clearly not working. Try progressive like Australia. Or what are other countries doing?


I think NZ should view how the uk operates their income tax structures with brackets and allowances. This will also tax higher income earners more and provide the poorer public more rest bite


The rich have worked hard for there money, why should they be taxed more for it? Unless they’re a multimillionaire then I feel they should be taxed more.


All taxes should be the same no matter who's rich and who's not. Taxes should be high or low enough to fit everyone's benefits.


Yes and add taxes to everyone owning more than one house, rental, baches etc.

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Remove secondary tax then people can improve their financial situation by effort rather than supplementary income


There needs to be more tax brackets for the super wealthy earning 250k plus


Yes, through wealth, capital or land value tax but with no increase to income tax.


Raise tax on large companies if they earn a certain high percentage of profit off of nz citizens


Yes - raise all income brackets and put in a higher new level where tax is higher. Corporations need to be taxed more equitably and innovative start-ups be incentivised.

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Look at all tax brackets and actually tax for a better future outcome not the personal pocket



Introduce a tax free income level, and raise taxes on the higher brackets. Target tax avoidance through Family Trusts and other 'legal' methods for avoiding Tax.


lower income tax, introduce capital gains, to the extent that those with family homes aren't affected


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