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Lower the income tax rate and remove all existing tax loopholes for large corporations

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Increasing taxes on the rich forces them to take their money overseas where the government can't get it. We should incentivise rich individuals to spend their money here while cracking down on loopholes that allow massive corporations to pay nothing in tax

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Yes. Increase taxes across all levels but with a personal tax allowance of around $15-20,000 for everyone.

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Only if they own over 10 houses or over 5 million in other assets

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remove taxfree exemptions such as religious entities and Maori trusts over a 1 million thresh-hold

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Slight increase in the upper tax brackets while lowering the bottom tax bracket slightly.

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To some degree probably. There should probably be a tax exempt bracket at the lower income end as well though.
Alternatively (though I think less viable to implement) you can have a high flat tax and then you get greater tax reductions/exemptions the lower your income is.

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I think that tax on larger corporations and the rich should only be raised if they do not make an active participation to support the country or local area, the sum should not have to be as large as the tax that would be placed on them. E.g. fund a certain park, or invest in a school etc. Because I feel like the government and especially the public sector spends money poorly. Plus this would require companies and rich families to be more down to earth and helping the community.

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If you have more money you pay a larger tax but if you have less money you pay a smaller tax

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Taxes should be delivered depending in how much money you earn and how many people depend on your money

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Yes, but should change all tax brackets/add new ones - should still have tax (low) for low-income, but lower the entry 6 figure bracket and move the ~39% tax bracket to higher income. Can maybe add higher bracket for extreme income figures.

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rich people run the businesses we use and own the houses we live in, increasing the tex they pay will just be passed on to the less rich. maybe use taxes and price ceilings

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Lower income tax rates. Remove GST on fresh produce, goods that are a requirement for healthy lifestyle (fridge etc) remove GST from an type of excise tax. Raise GST on goods luxuries, electronics, vehicles etc.

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lower the tax rate for the lower and middle class due to the huge increases in the cost of living and change it so you get charged one lot of tax off your pay even if it is a larger sum, then putting so much tax on petrol and food ect, and tax corporations and the wealthy a lot more.

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No, lower the corporate tax rate but on the condition that companies promise to use this to invest in creating more employment opportunities.

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Keep the existing tax brackets, but abolish income taxes below the first $20,000 a person earns

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Increase taxes for people who works in industries that cost more harm to the environment, or exploiting cheap overseas workers. Add taxes for people who are renting a whole house then secondhand renting it to others for profit.

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yes, but make the "rich" bracket higher. Removing all billionaires.

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No but Make students exempt from secondary tax within their first 4 years of study


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