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Yes, as long as the organization is internationally recognized as a terrorist group

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@94FV6XL answered…1mo

I mean they should have their own reason as to why they wanted to join and why did they bother to come back.

@945V5S2 answered…2mos

Unless the individual was a born NZ citizen and could become state less

@92JVDLZ answered…5mos

It should be on a case by case basis and see if they have been manipulated or were minors when they join.

@8P8ZWKJ answered…2yrs

Only if they have committed crimes on behalf or in the name of an organization.

@8J5NSB3 answered…2yrs

Yes, if not born here or not lived in this country for the majority of their life

@8HS8FNP answered…2yrs

No, but try to investigate and give them trackers so we know where they are.

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@8HGL324 answered…2yrs

No, Only if they commit a terrorist attack in New Zealand or in foreign country there citizenship should be removed.

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@8G88GF5 answered…2yrs

Yes, only if the terrorist group acts directly against the interests of New Zealand

@8FRTWTS answered…2yrs

@8FNZRZW answered…2yrs

I would need to do more research, find out what defines a terrorist organisation and who decides before I determined

@8F65NCQ answered…2yrs

Hard to say, they are still our responsibility to deal with if they are caught.

@2008rules answered…2yrs

they should get a fair trial before any decision is reached about their citizenship.

@8DHD8Q4 answered…2yrs

If they originate and grew to adulthood in a foreign country then yes they should lose the privilege of being a NZ citizen. If they were born and grew up in NZ then they shouldn't lost their Citizenship, they are a product of our nation and should remain our problem.

@8DGF8DK answered…2yrs

There is a complete bias for what is counted as a terrorist organisation. People who are anti-fascist are terrorists in the USA but the Ku-klux-klan are not terrorists even though they actively and historically oppress people. It should be case dependent.

@8DGDFHG answered…2yrs

they should be brought back as for the will of allah and the jihad we wage on the infedels.

@8CZPKRP answered…2yrs

yes, however where is the incorruptible entity / organisation that will determine what is terrorism and what is freedom fighting ?

@8CRVHJV answered…2yrs

Yes- if they are not born in NZ. Otherwise fair trial, and jail time.

@8CLK5PM answered…2yrs

Yes if they have dual citizenship and another country where they are legally able to go.

@8CJ87T2 answered…2yrs

This needs to be more specific. Yes if they have immigrated. No if they were a born citizen

@8CCWHVV answered…2yrs

No, because u can never be sure who is part of a terrorist group/organisation - especially when in the majority it's privileged countries telling us who is a terrorist. The people making the decision in the governments/countries have (pale skin/European ethnicity) (rich/wealthy, male) - corrupt governments telling people who are terrorists (on the news/media)

@8C7QXSX answered…2yrs

They should be given a fair trial and explain what this terrorist group is about and if they are forced into it. But mostly no.

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

No, they should be detained, investigated, and given a fair trial once they re-enter our country


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