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No, the most qualified candidate should get the position regardless of gender

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No this further paints women as victims rather than the able bodied humans that we are. Tokenism is worse than not sitting at the table.

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having a quota-type system to force diversity doesn't solve the problems that cause division, but instead create seperation within politics.

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Doesn’t matter is she’s a woman and it shouldn’t have a percentage it shouldn’t matter

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The most qualified candidate should get the position regardless of gender but gender discrimination should be abolished first

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if women want to do it, let them, but if no women are in the party because no women wanted ti be, the party should still be allowed to run.

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My reasons how this is bigger and never change of gender unless between the process are social

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Parties should not be required to however parties should have women and be treated the same

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It shouldnt matter how many women or men partake in government. Because it should be based on skill.

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Yes inless one of the women Did crime or was rude all her party and other party’s then she can Be replaced By a man

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It’s important to have diversity in gender but I don’t believe it should be based on percent.

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No, the person most suited should get the position regardless of gender or background.

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No they shouldn't. Political parties should provide equal opportunity's for all candidates and only accept candidates with the best credentials for any gender. Employ the people who are going to be the best for the job.

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We shouldn’t have a limit on party members based on their gender.

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Think more female candidates should be supported but not make it a requirement

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I think it's absolutely important to encourage diversity, however in the end the most qualified candidate should get the position regardless of gender

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Should political parties be required to run a certain percentage of male candidates .

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No, but we should monitor and address the cause of imbalance of applicants and remove male/female classification for more gender diverse nomenclature

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The most qualified candidate should get the position regardless of gender but diversity should still be encouraged.

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if the candidate best fits the criteria, he/her should be enforced in power.

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No, the most qualified candidate should get the job and instead we should focus on fixing the route cause of why women are under represented in politics

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They should only chose the best candidates for the job based on ability, but I would like only women candidates to be in charge of anything women's issues-related.

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I think there are other ways to increase the diversity of parliament than through quota. E.g. teaching civics in school.

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