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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

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Except for anyone who commited a violent or sexual crime should be able to vote if they will be released while the government they are voting for will be in power

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Yes, but only after completing their sentences, and with the exception of felons convicted of violent crimes.

@923PW9P answered…6mos

Yes, except for violent crimes, and they also should've completed their sentence

@8Y4FZGJ answered…10mos

Yes, and efforts should be made to expand and protect the rights of criminals, particularly incarcerated ones.

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Yes, except felons that have been convicted of murder or violent crimes and other people have to complete their sentences and parole/probation.

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Yes, but this should be determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the nature of the offence they were convicted with, when they were convicted, how old they were when they were convicted, what has their behaviour been like since that conviction, what punishment did they receive etc.

@8T9VBRY answered…1yr

yes and no., since some criminal are innocent and some aren't and some has some mental problems. though you also gotta think that people have different opinion the may or may not be good for humanity.

@8T995CB answered…1yr

No, unless theyre pulling a kai anderson and boutta start a cult and cause genocide

@8T4N3WQ answered…1yr

Yes they should be allowed to vote but only if there crime isn’t very big

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Yes, if they have not committed violent or sexual crimes and have completed their sentence.

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They didn't follow the law so why should they have the ability to help change it

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Yes, ones serving less than 10 years should, as well as those that are due to be released the year of the election

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Only if they’re serving sentences for less than a year and no serious crime (meaning rape, murder, harm ect).

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Umm I think we are misinterpreting the point, they are in prisons for a reason.

@8HSMMBQ answered…2yrs

Depending on the seriousness and how many times they have been to prison and why, they should and shouldnt

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Those who may be released during the next term should be able to vote

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Yes but only if they are out of parole withing that election period

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yes, but only after completing sentence and being assessed to make sure they know and understand the vote

@8HMHV47 answered…2yrs

probably no cause it a caused when they come out and might be dangerous

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If they are due to be released between voting and the next election


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