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@6JFRLP3 answered…2yrs

first year should be free but dependent on the results of secondary studies. succeeding years can either be free or not also depending on the first year results

@95R6G4M answered…2wks

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@95KB458 answered…3wks

No, but there should be more support for students financially (that they do not have to pay back), so that students can enjoy a good quality of life while studying (putting in effort to become educated, thus being better able to serve our country once qualified and working).

@95K8LP8 answered…3wks

Your final year should be free or you can opt for 1 free year of further study I.e. phd, masters

@95FNLHX answered…3wks

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@946J2D5 answered…2mos

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@93TDZNR answered…3mos

It should be for third year and final year students only. Not for first years students.

@93HKM7Y answered…4mos

I think the government should provide subsidised tertiary education

@93BNZYD answered…4mos

@9333C76 answered…5mos

It should be subsidized more. So it is cheaper and more accessible but people still must pay

@92VHNTM answered…5mos

Yes but those who receive a free education must work in NZ for x3 the amount of years they studied for (full time equivalent) otherwise the fees must be paid back.

@92SDLB7 answered…5mos

Yes, but only for degrees of social import (i.e., nurses, doctors, scientists, etc)

@92G9Z9X answered…6mos

Instead of offering free first year make the last year free so it gives people Insentive to finish their degree.

@9267SR4 answered…6mos

No, but student allowence shouldn't be based on families income. My parents don't give me any money

@923JKZ3 answered…6mos

No, but provide students under 30 with tax refunds to incentivise working and paying it off

@8ZV23F6 answered…7mos

i think that the government should provide more incentives for tertiary education

@8ZNLT28 answered…7mos

@8ZN55VS answered…7mos

yes if your very poor you should have opportunities to get a subsidy

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@8ZKYPV3 answered…7mos

Fees free should be incentivised, and be earned through a threshold based on grades.

@8Z78CZ9 answered…8mos

No, but some incentive for a free 3rd year in those that apply: some proportion of applicants can 'win' like a bursary or grant

@8XSB6DG answered…10mos

the issue isnt free education its how to entice students to stay and work in NZ after studying

@8XN2TSN answered…10mos

@8XMCGBP answered…11mos

Second or third year should be free instead of first year. Tuition is currently too expensive.


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